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We are the Rivanera: Antonio, Valeria and the young Tania. Ours is not a real Cattery, as we have only three cats: a couple of Persians and an Exotic female that divide with us our home, sleep on our beds, free running and playing.

Amon-Ozymandias Lolita, Toltechi's Number One of Rivanera and Gioia Babette are three lovely cats like their kittens that breeded in family are surrounded by great care and tenderness , theyselves also grow sweet and confident, being delivered only who guarantees them the same conditions. They are delivered weaned, provided of pedigree, and vaccinated.

Our cats are PKD negative and they are in the centre of great love, cares and attentions because, before to be "Cats of Race" they are our "Cats of Home!"

In the next pages you can see our cats.

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